Pax Exchange is a catalyst for positive social engagement

With Pax Exchange, we create a marketplace where we bring together leading tech companies, city officials and social entrepreneurs to find smarter and cheaper solutions to increase positive engagement.

Pax Exchange is a joint initiative by the Innogy Innovation Hub and the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford

Els Coussement
co-founder and CEO

Ventuer Developer at the innogy Innovation Hub

Els is  a systems thinker. She loves to design smarter solutions to societal challenges, and to uncover and capitalize on value that previously  went unseen. 

The innogy innovation hub drives game-changing ideas. We explore digital, platform-powered and data-driven business models that can change the way all of us live and workl

Mark Nelson

Co-director of the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford

How do you measure peace? Mark has created a quantifiable metric that focuses on peace as something beyond just the absence of violence.


The Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford is a global community consisting of thought leaders from the fields of behavior design, innovation, persuasive and social technologies and finance.